Connecting Angels will provide coaching and mentorship services and opportunities, to individuals, families, and populations in need. Through our strategic partnerships, we will provide mentorship and coaching in the categories of Health and Well-being, education, mental health awareness. These efforts will help to encourage and guide young people with the knowledge and skills to participate in creating a balanced life, picking out the right careers, and being engaged members of their communities.

We will also help individuals and families struggling with the effects of disabilities through coaching and counseling. Connecting Angels understands the importance of providing moral and psychological support to these families in order to lessen their struggle. Some families crumble and break over the toll of raising a child with special needs, or coping with the demands of taking care of individuals with disabilities of all kinds. Through a network of health and wellness coaches, we will provide assistance to these families and individuals who lack access to the services. Maintaining equilibrium in mental and physical health is of utmost importance to a peaceful society.

If you are interested in becoming one of our coaches, or providing any services to these families, contact us at

A donation to this cause will help us reach more families in need