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Connecting Angels Inc

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Help us provide meals for families in need in Houston, TX
This program serves individuals and families that suddenly find themselves destitute or in need of help. We initiated this program in response to the devastating effects of the recent Hurricane Harvey, that hit Houston Texas and surrounding states.
In late August 2017, Hurricane Harvey left more than 100,000 homes destroyed, and many families stranded and without food. In spite of the fact that many organizations stepped up to bring food relief and other supplies to shelters, numerous individuals and families were left destitute.

We collected and distributed water and beverages to shelters


Connecting Angels Pantry, in its mission to combat the effects of poverty, stepped up to provide groceries to families in need, not just after Harvey, but beyond. We intend to continue supporting families in need of groceries, in the underserved populations of Houston TX. Your generous support today, will help us provide groceries to more families in need, through our community outreach. Thank you for being a part of our relief effort, together, we can make the world a more peaceful place, when we connect to do good for those in need. 
To Donate by check, mail to
Connecting Angels Inc
8315 Sierra Hill Ct
Houston, TX 77083
All donations are tax-deductible under the IRS 501(c)3 code. Thank you for your donation and please, above all else, share this with your family and friends, no amount is too small
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