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Help Connecting Angels provide masks for nurses fighting COVID-19 in Cameroon, West Africa.

The COVID – 19 Pandemic which has ravaged so many around the world, has spread to Africa. My homeland, Cameroon, in West Africa, is seeing its fair share of deaths, as a result of this disease, but without adequate supplies of medical  personal protective equipment (PPE) for its healthcare workers to provide adequate care for the sick, while protecting themselves. Your gift of at least $25 will help us reach our target of raising $10,000 towards the purchase of N95 masks, surgical masks, face shields and gloves for the nurses in Cameroon. The need is urgent and the help is needed now. With very limited resources in some of the hospitals, nurses are having to resort to washing and ironing simple surgical face masks. I urge you, to connect with this cause to help those who are truly unable to help themselves now, the nurses in Cameroon, fighting COVID-19 need our help. So, I am reaching out to you, for a tax-deductible gift towards saving lives of our frontline workers, as they put their lives on the line, for humanity.


Thank you

Mah Mekolle

President and Founder, Connecting Angels Inc






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