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In 2017 Connecting Angels piloted a program to train young volunteers between the ages of 18-35, to be a part of positive changes in their communities. Our first batch of young leaders in Cameroon, were able to accomplish a lot, without many resources.


Our Young Leaders successfully organized themselves to visit and donate food items to at least 6 orphanages in 2017. Many of them went on to graduate from college, others enrolled in advanced degrees, while some are still looking for jobs, in an economy that is very unstable and a recipe for loss of hope. We are very encouraged by the enthusiasm and success of our first program, we are now poised to expand this program to young people around the world. We need your financial support to build a program for youth mentorship.

Young Leader, Bachelor of Science in Technology/ Agriculture. Lives in Bamenda, Cameroon

Starting in 2018, Connecting Angels will partner with mentors, professionals from around the world, as well as open up the Young Leaders academy, to young people around the globe, to gain knowledge and guidance from mentors, as well as continue the Connecting Angels tradition of service in their local communities. We need your support to provide our young leaders with scholarship opportunities to buy books, enroll in school and apprenticeship opportunities and trade. We intend to facilitate learning for our young leaders, and build a standardized program which will be implemented by similar programs as we expand to other countries.

You can apply to be a sponsor, a mentor or apply to be a Young Leader. Thank you for your generous support, to build the young people, who will lead their communities and positively impact humanity.

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