Connecting Angels Pantry is a program we started to inspire members of our communities to join in the fight to end hunger, by donating food items to those in need. Connecting Angels believes that it is through the power of connection, that we will succeed in understanding the needs of others, especially those born to extremely poor conditions, and those who due to unforseen circumstances, find themselves unable to provide basic food for themselves. Through this program, we will provide meals in the form of groceries and warm meals to those in need.

Connecting Angels has already begun with its Africa outreach, “Meals for Orphans”, providing meals to orphanages in Cameroon, West Africa, with a goal of continuing and expanding to other affected communities. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, August 2017, we have included Texas in our program. We will provide donated food items to those unable to provide for themselves and their families.


Please consider supporting our program, every donation is tax-deductible and goes to the smooth running of our Connecting Angels Pantry program