Help Connecting Angels raise $5,000 for the purchase of N95 masks, surgical masks, and face shields for nurses in Cameroon, West Africa, as they work tirelessly at the frontlines to fight the devastating effects...

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Help Tula, provide free dental services to the poorest communities of children and adults in Cusco, Peru.

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We can not build strong communities, if we do not invest in the youth. C.A Young Leaders Academy will train, mentor, and develop a curriculum to prepare young, dynamic individuals with the skills and...

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Provide food pantry items for families in need

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This program is dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities, cope with the struggles that affect their quality of life.

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No child should go a day without food, not while we have so much surplus. Help us interrupt the cycle of poverty affecting orphans in Cameroon, West Africa. Become an angels for this cause

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