Dr Michael Curth

  • Dr Michael Curth

    Board of Directors

Michael is an entrepreneur and a nature enthusiast. Born and raised in Germany, Michael graduated from the University of Essen, where he earned his Phd in Economics. Over the years, Michael has held many roles including serving on the Advisory Board of Procar Group (BMW, Mini, Rolls Royce) and Consource AG. He served as a Top management consultant for companies like (Alixpartners, McKinsey) and was a COO at Tengelmann, a major German Retailer.

In recent years, Michael embarked on a journey that completely changed his personal perspective of life, the Universe, and his role in it. He places a high value on preservation of our natural resources, leading to the creation of the “Rescue Amazonian Rainforest” project, and serving as Board Member for Connecting Angels.

Michael has dedicated his life, to sharing his enthusiasm and love for the preservation and conservation of humanity. He hopes to find more people who share his vision, to embark on more sustainable and lasting projects.