A Pregnant Stranger, A Leap of Faith, and a BABY! Yeah

When my family planned our end of year activities, we knew that the path of connecting with angels was going to lead us to experiences we had not imagined, but we had no idea, how far our capacity to love will be stretched and expanded. It was a quiet Sunday evening in October, when I got the call, that an angel, Ebere, 8 months pregnant, and barely in the city for a couple of months, suddenly found herself in the most distressing of circumstances, stranded and with no secure place to call home. She was in a temporary abode with another angel, who, barely, had the room for another mouth to feed, yet alone, expecting a baby any time soon. I visited them, and immediately I knew, that this was the call my organization was formed for. I knew, I had to help.

For more than a month, I took food, clothing, toiletries, and more to Ebere and the other family helping her out. Her helper, Irene, also needed a job, and with 3 kids herself, it was not easy housing Ebere and her unborn baby. I adopted all of them, but with a special calling to quickly find a home for Ebere. Unable to find someone to take her in, I talked to my husband, who said, bring her home. I don’t think I have heard a sweeter melody.



We welcomed Ebere a week before Thanksgiving 2017, and 6 days later she went into labor! She gave birth via c-section to a handsome baby boy, Francis. I brought Ebere home, and with only a week’s notice, we had to create a nursery, for this stranger from Nigeria. I have never been to Nigeria, no idea of the cultural norms, but all I knew, was that Ebere and Francis were children of God, sent to me for a moment such as this.

Today, baby Francis is 6 weeks old, they live with us, and are a part of our household. Ebere joins Rejoice, an international student from Nigeria, who lost her acomodation and was destitute, unable to afford rents. In the wake of the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, many people lost everything, but hope was not lost. For us, our lives changed, with our new normal, our strangers from another country in another land, our new family members. No matter how long they last with us, or where their journey leads after this, they will remain in our hearts, teaching us true love.

We plan to help Ebere and baby Francis as best we can, to settle down. Keep us in your prayers, remember us and support us so we can continue to provide for her and the baby, as well as be in a position to help others in need. Remember, being an angel sometimes, means being there, present. Now, how will you serve humanity today? Think about it, and do not hesitate to make it happen. We did, and our hearts increased even more

Mah Mekolle

Founder, Connecting Angels







There comes a moment in life, when you are called to a higher order of service, when humanity dares you to turn your eyes away, or dare to face your heart, your vulnerability, your depth, and answer yes. We answered that call, extending simple human kindness to an angel in Cameroon.

Somewhere in the capital city of Cameroon, in the heart of Yaounde, sits an angel, whom we have come to just call, Mama Paulina. She suffers from leprosy, a disease, which till today, still affects the quality of life of many in various countries in Africa. For many in Cameroon, such as Mama Paulina, these individuals suffering with disabilities, are forced to beg on the streets, relying and waiting on angels to see their heart, meet their need.

Thanks to the generous support of angels like you, our donors, Connecting Angels has been able to subsidize Mama Paulina’s expenses faithfully every month with a stipend of $150. She is our pride, hope, and link to humanity at its finest and best. Answering the call to stand in the gap for individuals suffering with disabilities, is one of our highest calling as an organization, and as human beings. In 2018, we plan to provide Mama Paulina with even more hope and restoration, she is an angel who needs our wings to fly, and with your continued help, she will soar and be a beacon for all others, you, and me, to extend our love far and wide, to take care of those in need, without judgement, but with a spirit of unmatched service. Mama Paulina, we thank you for allowing us, to be your hands and feet. Looking forward to doing more for you and others like you.