“Peace is Possible” – A fight against hunger


In 2016, Connecting Angels nonprofit was honored to be chosen as an affiliate of the international PEACE IS POSSIBLE campaign, launched by JCI-Junior Chambers International. To support this mission, we launched a series of activities, to fight against hunger and take care of the underprivileged orphans in poor communities in Cameroon, Africa.

Donation of Meals to MISSPA Orphanage, May 14th, 2017


In the middle of a canceled school year in the local city of Bamenda, Cameroon due to political
unrest, the Connecting Angels team of young volunteers, got together to be a light in their local community. These Young Leaders, put their lives at risk in between ghost towns and curfews, to organize a visit to the local orphanage, and donate some food items.

The orphanage, located in Mile 5 Nkwen, Bamenda, is home to about 113, ages ranging from 1-22 years. Majority were between the ages of 12 and 15, and about 70 were present on the day of donation.

We presented them with gifts of two cartons of frozen fish, 20 liters of cooking oil, exercise books (donated by Switch Entertainment), pens, candies and some clothing. Connecting Angels collaborated with Switch Entertainment in visit a tremendous success.



Our Connecting Angels incorporated the element of youth mentorship by involving young volunteers in the local communities. In Bamenda, our volunteers are a dynamic group, who also have needs. They lack opportunities to finish school, pay tuition, or earn a living. Yet, in spite of their current hardship, they took the time to uplift the children at the Orphanage on HOPE, teach them about personal hygiene, and encourage them to know that they are loved.


We are so proud of our youth volunteers. Please support their mission, and zeal by supporting the Connecting Angels peace campaign, to provide meals to orphans. Our youth volunteers are ready in different cities to carry out these visits. When you donate to our cause, you indirectly provide hope, and meaning to the volunteers as well as the orphans.


Please visit our website for a detailed report on this visit.

Meals for Orphans in MISSPA Orphanage, Cameroon. May, 14 2017


Thanks to those who have supplied goods in kind, and in cash, for distribution to shelters and individuals in need, post Hurricane Harvey destruction. Connecting Angels Inc, our Charity based in Houston, called out and you answered.
In the immediate post storm period, we asked for blankets, sheets, and food items in kind. In the past week, a couple of our volunteers and I, visited some shelters and realized that most of them, were getting all the supplies they needed from so many organizations, they actually turned our donations away. Large corporations sending in food, Pharmacies providing medications, restaurants cooking en masse and more. The only thing they needed it seems, was, actual homes to send these residents to.
Realizing this, we decided to take a more focused approach, customize our help according to the changing needs. Serve smaller and less-known shelters, collaborate with small churches to find out individuals in need, and also word of mouth. Not everyone is in the shelter, but that doesn’t mean they do not need help.
I was able, though, to personally deliver the bulk of your donations in kind to Masjid-Ul-Arafat, my neighborhood house of prayer, which had so kindly made room for those in need, no matter your creed, race or origin. I was honored to present them with some bedding, nonperishable goods, clothes, toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning detergents.
We have decided to focus on what we do best, just as our international outreach in Africa, providing meals to orphanages in Cameroon, for our relief effort in Houston, we have launched a new program, Connecting Angels Pantry. This program will collect grocery items or food items from your pantry, and donate to individuals and families who sign up. Our volunteers will either collect these items from donors, or donors can finance the purchase of meals. Our fight to end hunger continues, and we are ready for it.
The cash donated so far, will go to purchase the first batch of meals. Please sign up with us if you have a need for groceries, if you are hosting a family, if you lost income due to the hurricane, sign up.
Again, we thank you and ask you to continue to support our programs.