2017 – Recap on Meals for Orphans

One of the accomplishments we saw in 2017, was the fulfillment of our dream to provide food items to orphans. Connecting Angels recruited local volunteers from Bamenda, Douala, and Buea, in Cameroon, West Africa, to fulfill this mission. In 2017, Cameroon saw the rise of political instability reach a boiling point, and schools were closed down in the North West and South West Provinces. Many students left stranded, no hope.

In keeping with our mission, Connecting Angels chose to support some local orphanages, through our Meals for Orphans project. Thanks to some of our donors, we were able to purchase common food items from local traders, for the children.  We may not have been able to feed the many, but for the angels we could feed, we were humbled for the opportunity to serve mankind. Thank you to all who donated to make this mission a success. Here are a few highlights.

Our Young Leaders Academy in Bamenda, under the leadership of promising Young Leader, Carl Carlson Nkwain, outdid themselves. These young people who were going through a hard time, found the inspiration to not only present the food to the orphans, but they took turns educating and inspiring the young ones, uplifting the heart of the orphans, showing that when a community comes together, it is not the might of the material goods that matters, but the love and the heart for humanity. Our vision to be a leading organization for positive impact on humanity, definitely grew more wings, thanks to our young volunteers and leaders of tomorrow.  

Connecting Angels Team Leader, Akere Lebaga
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