Young Leaders Academy: Impact in 2017

In order to create a big and lasting impact, we must invest in the young leaders of today and tomorrow. Between 2016 and 2017, our vision, to lead the world in humanitarian impact led Connecting Angels to decide on a strategy to advance leadership through service in the youth population. How can a society grow and manage its resources, if its most precious human resource, the youth, are not taught the fundamentals of community service and kindness.

We embarked on a pilot program starting in Cameroon, to inspire a group of young people, to take initiative, rise up from the fog of economic, political, and social instability, and be a part of creating something good. The call to become thy brother’s keeper. It only took a seed of an idea, and our first batch of Connecting Angels Young Leaders, without much oversight from mentors, soared. Outside of their work with Connecting Angels, we are proud of the accomplishments of some of our Young Leaders, who, in spite of the odds, some of them went on to graduate from college, like Pamela Bang, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Technology. Others, like Carl Carlson, wrote and published his first book, “Crazivity”. Our Young Team Leader, who started the first Connecting Angels Young Leaders first Chapter in Beua, Akere Lebaga, is now enrolled in his Masters of Science in Nursing.

We plan to keep up with these young leaders, training and forming them to strive even higher, as we develop a formal mentorship program, giving them access to professionals all around the world, and enrolling other young leaders from different countries. This is the only way, to ensure continuity in kindness and humanitarian impact around the world, investing in our youth.

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