2017 Recap: Angels for Individuals with Disabilities


There comes a moment in life, when you are called to a higher order of service, when humanity dares you to turn your eyes away, or dare to face your heart, your vulnerability, your depth, and answer yes. We answered that call, extending simple human kindness to an angel in Cameroon.

Somewhere in the capital city of Cameroon, in the heart of Yaounde, sits an angel, whom we have come to just call, Mama Paulina. She suffers from leprosy, a disease, which till today, still affects the quality of life of many in various countries in Africa. For many in Cameroon, such as Mama Paulina, these individuals suffering with disabilities, are forced to beg on the streets, relying and waiting on angels to see their heart, meet their need.

Thanks to the generous support of angels like you, our donors, Connecting Angels has been able to subsidize Mama Paulina’s expenses faithfully every month with a stipend of $150. She is our pride, hope, and link to humanity at its finest and best. Answering the call to stand in the gap for individuals suffering with disabilities, is one of our highest calling as an organization, and as human beings. In 2018, we plan to provide Mama Paulina with even more hope and restoration, she is an angel who needs our wings to fly, and with your continued help, she will soar and be a beacon for all others, you, and me, to extend our love far and wide, to take care of those in need, without judgement, but with a spirit of unmatched service. Mama Paulina, we thank you for allowing us, to be your hands and feet. Looking forward to doing more for you and others like you.







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